Cancer patients, AIDS patients and the old and infirm have little chance of spending their last days in dignity in the majority of cases in our country.

With non-existent state welfare and minimal health care, low-income families are usually faced with having to choose between nurturing healthier members or caring for the dying.

The Medical Aid Foundation pioneered the concept of the first hospice care in Pakistan with Rahat Kada established in 1991. Here we offer hope for the patients and their families.

Our main focus is on pain management and total physical and emotional care, keeping the patient as comfortable while maintaining ties with their loved ones.

It is a unique concept; the first smaller facility has been in existence for over 19 years now and has provided solace and care to countless patients. However, in the teeming metropolis of Karachi, there is an urgent need for a larger, more modern facility.

With this in mind, we are proud to announce that the groundbreaking of our 100 bedded unit took place on 19th March 2008 by the City Nazim. Rahat Kada will be able to care for a larger number of patients from all walks of life.

Care for Cancer patients

Over 90% of cancers in Pakistan are detected at the 3rd or 4th stage when there is little to be done by way of a cure. Treatment is expensive and time-consuming.

The main emphasis is on providing comfort and dignity to the patient and solace and support to the family members. At Rahat Kada we do both.

We provide extensive medical and nursing facilities to advanced and terminal cancer patients. Our new and modern unit will comprise state-of-the-art laboratories, operation theatre, mammography, X-Ray, CT Scanner, and radiotherapy, in a clean and professional environment.

AIDS Hospice

The spread of AIDS has taken on alarming proportions. Pakistan has nonexistent care for sufferers of this disease and if left unmonitored and unchecked, more and more people will be at risk. Unlike cancer, AIDS is a contagious disease. At our new facility, we will be providing separate and sequestered units for AIDS sufferers.

Here, trained professionals will look after such patients and offer them the care and treatment they require. As such, we aim to control the spread of the disease in some measure.


Old People’s Home

Once thought to be the scourge of the West. Pakistan today too, faces the concept of abandoned old and elderly family members. As more and more people seek employment in urban areas or overseas, canny for the elderly has become an issue here as well.

For many who find themselves at the mercy of their offspring. Some are mistreated, while others are abandoned. At Rahat Kada Home for the Elderly, we aim to bring relief to the needy elderly by housing them in comfort. providing hot meals, medical attention, and a clean, safe, and caring atmosphere.

Your turn to help

The cost of the project will run to an estimated Rs. Twenty-Two Crores (Two Hundred Twenty Millions). Building cost and materials are getting expensive by the day.

As our aim is to provide a state-of-the-art facility, we will require and constant flow of funds. But there is only so much we can do. Our success depends on your charitable contributions and Zakat donations.

We need to organize fundraisers to generate money for this project, You can help by being a volunteer and registering your support now. It is your turn to help. Help us help the needy, the suffering, and the elderly.

With this new building. Rahat Kada will not only house to a large number of terminal Cancer patients, but also extend its services to AIDS patients and the elderly. The project has been divided into 3 phases. The first phase consists of basement & ground floor. The second and third floor consists of wards of different categories a children’s & Breast Cancer Wind is also included in these floors.

The summary of civil work is as follows

Total covered area 64,701 sq feet Front Block with 80 beds costing Rupees 10 crore (100 millions) Rear Block with 50 beds costing Rupees 5 crore (50 millions). Cost of each bed 12,85,000 Donation required for Construction of the Hospice Building Hospital furniture Medical Equipment’s – X-Ray, Ultrasound, CT Scan & MRI Operation. Theatre equipment’s & Ambulances.

How can you help?

Financial support towards construction cost, Pledge your donations on a monthly / yearly basis. Pledge your professional services.
Commit to fundraising efforts. Spread the message to friends & families.

Our Mission

``To provide shelter, relief and rehabilitation to patients suffering from terminal diseases. We also aim to provide shelter and care to the poor elderly of our society.``