Cancer Types

Appendix Cancer

Epithelial appendiceal cancer and neuroendocrine appendiceal cancer are the two primary subtypes. Appendix lining cells are the source of epithelial appendiceal malignancy. Another name for it is adenocarcinoma. These cells aid in the production of mucin, a jelly-like material.

How does prevention work?
Approaches to preventing or limiting factors known to cause cancer.
alterations to nutrition and way of life.
early detection of malignant diseases.
Chemoprevention (medicines to treat a precancerous disease or to keep cancer from starting) (medicines to treat a precancerous condition or to keep cancer from starting).
minimally invasive surgery

Appendicitis is one of the signs of appendix cancer (inflammation or infection of the appendix).
abdominal discomfort
Pelvic ache
swelling in the abdomen (ascites).
alterations to bowel movements.
vomiting and nauseous.
size of the waist expanding

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