Appendix Cancer

Epithelial appendiceal cancer and neuroendocrine appendiceal cancer are the two primary subtypes. Appendix lining cells are the source of epithelial appendiceal malignancy. Another name for it is adenocarcinoma. These cells aid in the production of mucin, a jelly-like material.

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Oral Cancer

Any cancer that appears in any of the mouth’s component parts is referred to as mouth cancer (oral cavity). Mouth cancer can develop on the following:
Inner lining of the cheeks
Roof of the mouth
Floor of the mouth (under the tongue)

Oral cancer and oral cavity cancer are two more names for cancer that develops on the inside of the mouth.

One of the cancers included in the head and neck cancers category is mouth cancer. Treatment for head and neck malignancies, including mouth cancer, is frequently the same.

Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia

While acute lymphoblastic leukemia in children is more common than other types of cancer, it has high cure rates. Survival rates are lower in adults, but they are improving. The 5-year relative survival rate for ALL is 68.8%. The statistics further break down to 90% in children and 30-40% in adults.

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