YES, you can change the world: you just may not have tried it yet

Your generosity could help do any one or more of the following:

  • alleviate pain and make the last days endurable for terminal cancer patients at the free Rahat Kada hospice.
  • maintain our mobile service that provides healthcare at the doorsteps of the poor.
  • detect cancer early on while it’s still treatable.
  • provide reliable and regular family planning services.
  • provide total family health care.
  • save a life.
  • make a sick child well again.
  • restore health to a chronically ill person.
  • prevent an unnecessary death, relieve unbearable pain.
  • guide and support the needy and helpless.
  • bring back hope and make life worth living again.

The combined generosity of people have made the above possible
and changed countless lives. Why don’t you help us change
even more of the world?

All donations are exempted from tax vide
CBR Islamabad No. C71(20)IT- V89.

Bankers: Muslim Commercial Bank Ltd.,
Defence Society Branch, A/c. No. KBA-225-3

donations must be made in the name of

The Medical Aid Foundation

Location: 238, 239, 3rd Zamzama Street, Opposite Zamzama Park, D.H.A, Karachi.


Please mention your name, number and donation amount we will contact you shortly.

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