The Medical Aid Foundation was established with the aim to look after the welfare, rehabilitation, transport arrangements and guidance to the sick and destitute, and to help the suffering patients to correct and comprehensive medical care.

To date, the foundation has conducted over 250 free medical camps in the last five years. All camps are manned by our team of 22 specialised doctors and other volunteers whose tireless dedication and selflessness save lives and bring succour. Patients requiring surgical treatment are guided and sent where appropriate for their operations.

The Medical Aid Foundation has four divisions, namely, Cancer Division, Primary Health Care Division, Social Welfare Division and the Mobile Service Division.

Cancer Division

The 25-bedded RAHAT KADAPakistan’s first Terminal Care Unit which was made operational on the 1st of September, 1991, and brings a unique concept in nursing care to cancer patients who have no hope of recovery especially because of cancer being’detected too late to enable relief.

Three Early Detection Centres have already been established, and we plan to setup more Detection Centres to cover the Karachi city’s entire low-income and below-poverty-line population. We have state of the art medical equipment including X-ray machines, Ultrasound Units and laboratory equipment at our disposal. Our Mammography Unit helps in screening for breast cancer those poor women who otherwise cannot afford even routine medical attention.

Primary Health Care:

Through our present centres at Neelam Colony (Clifton), Mahmoodabad No.6, and Wasirabad, Federal B Area, Karachi, we are attending to day-to-day health problems. Services include family planning guidance, vaccination of children, and a mother-and-child care clinic.

Social Welfare:

Our rehabilitation programme is very vital and helps all those families where the breadwinner has died leaving the family with no resources whatsoever. 42 such families are presently being supported by the Medical Aid Foundation. Many women have been provided with job opportunities at home or outside, while many children are being enabled primary education.

Mobile service:

At present there is no fully equipped ambulance service in Karachi on a charitable basis to carry the critically sick. We are therefore launching such a service, known as the “Good Companions” of the Medical Aid Foundation, with the help of our voluntary workers.

Since Karachi has no properly equipped ambulance service fitted with life-saving equipment for the treatment for patients in critical condition enroute to hospital, we therefore wish to extend the same service to the general public as well.